How to Check SSC Result 2020 by SMS System? Via Mobile SMS System

If you are eager to check results very fast, you can do it by following SSC Result 2020 by SMS System. By following this SMS system, you could check each student’s exam results individually. This is a very good and very easy way to collect examination results very fastly/very quickly/as early as possible. Though there are many ways to check the exam result, the messaging system is one of another alternative system where you could find out your result quickly. This is a good way to finds your examination result very fastly before everyone.

If you want to find out your SSC Exam Outcome by the message, you have to just take a mobile phone that included SIM card and exists enough balance to send an SMS. Then follow my all steps and follow the methods that you need. We always offer easy ways to find out the examination result very quickly. Because this is a very good and important thing. Everyone always finds an easy method. So, now we will share this important method that is very easy to find out exam results very fastly.

Easy way to Find SSC Result 2020 by SMS:

Barisal, Dhaka, Chittagong, Comilla, Dinajpur, Jessore, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Technical, Madrasah Education Board’s students are eligible to find out their SSC Result 2020 very quickly by the SMS System. That means all education board’s students can get their results via Mobile SMS System. This is a very easy method and the best alternative method to finds examination results very quickly.

Though we ever one already knows that the is the official website to find out the examination result officially. It is an online system to get the exam outcome. There are many people who don’t internet and they also haven’t a smartphone or any kind of a smart device that supports the internet. So the SMS System is the latest and the greatest solution to get the examination outcome before everyone from Bangladesh. All Bangladeshi people could get the outcome by any SIM card in Bangladesh.

Why should follow SSC Result by Mobile SMS

If you want to know your or your or your relative’s SSC examination outcome, you can follow the SSC Result by Mobile SMS. This is a very easy and very simple matter to search for or finds your examination result super fast. On the other hand, you must need an internet connection for the Online result checking system. And also need a smart device that supports the internet. So, the message system is one of the best alternative methods to get outcomes easily.

There are many students and people in Bangladesh. But everyone hasn’t a smart device. And many people don’t know how to use the internet. So, the online system is difficult for them. So, it is very hard for those kinds of people. But the messaging system is the best method that is very easy.

SSC Outcome Check by Feature/Button Phone Via SMS System:

Yes, you listen to the right thing. You could check your exam outcome via a normal button phone or feature phone that doesn’t support the internet. If you don’t have any smartphone or any smart device, don’t worry about this matter for finds your outcome. Because you will be able to get your outcome very quickly by using your general phone that you know as the button phone or feature phone. You could easily find out your Secondary School Certificate exam outcome/SSC Result 2020 by SMS.

There are also many people in Bangladesh who use a smartphone but don’t know to use the internet. Now they also could follow this method for finding the exam outcome. That means, the Smartphone and General Phone both phone users can check the SSC Result by Mobile Phone SMS System.

How to Check SSC Result Using Mobile Phone SMS

  • Find out the message option form your phone to type a message.
  • Now type “SSC/Dakhil <Space> First Three Latter of Your Board <Space> Roll Number <Space> 2020”
  • Finally, send it to “16222”

Now you will get feedback within a short time. If you provide the real information, you will get your result by the feedback. This is the best system to get the SSC Result 2020 by SMS method.

Dakhil Exam Result 2020 Check by SMS:

  • Bring SMS Option to type an SMS.
  • Type “Dakhil <Space> First Three Latter of Your Education Board <Space> Roll Number <Space> 2020”
  • And sent it to “16222”

Vocational Exam Result 2020 Check by SMS:

  • Open the SMS option to type a new message.
  • And Type “SSC <Space> First Three Latter of Your Board <Space> Roll Number <Space> 2020”
  • Then send it to “16222”

First Three Letter of All Education Board – All Education Board Short Code

  • Barisal Board= BAR
  • Dhaka Board= DHA
  • Chittagong Board= CHI
  • Cumilla Board= CUM
  • Dinajpur Board= DIN
  • Jessore Board= JES
  • Rajshahi Board= RAJ
  • Sylhet Board= SYL
  • Madrasha Board=MAD
  • Technical Board= BTEB

Check SSC Result 2020 with Very Easy Way:

The best method is the SSC Result 2020 by SMS System. This is the best method for all kinds of people. If you don’t know to use the internet it doesn’t matter to get your exam result very fast. Because you can be able to get your outcome very quickly without facing any kind of problem. This is a very good and alternative method to get SSC Outcome by the Mobile Message System.

Updated: March 27, 2020 — 11:29 PM

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